About Leading Edge Research

Program Services:

  • Access to physician group - over 300 physicians in the Dallas and Ft Worth area
  • Single patient database of over 400,000 patients
  • Availability of over 25 physician specialties
  • Over 20 diagnostic modalities available on site or near each research site
  • Capability to conduct Phase II-IV clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas
  • Recruitment methods including group patient database, program website, community resources, centralized calls, physician referrals, patient self referrals and media.
  • Ability to use central IRB for all studies

Centralization of Site Start-up Documents

With all principal investigators as employees of the same physician group, we are able to utilize a centralized approach for study participation and collection and completion of all study documents.  Our centralized process includes:

  • Efficient and timely completion of documents
  • Identification of PI’s within the research program for study participation
  • Regulatory document completion for each site
  • PI contract and budget negotiations with one central point of contact for all sites
  • Coordination of patient recruitment with each site
  • Study Manager software used for management of studies

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